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August 2022


What is Prayer? Why do we pray? When do we pray?
Most people around the world pray. People of all religious persuasions pray. I will be addressing all these questions and more when I begin a series of studies on THE POWER OF PRAYER, beginning on the 1st Sunday of this month.

Prayer isn’t a magical formula for getting what we want. Neither is it reserved as a special privilege for ‘holy’ people or for special times and places. Prayer is engagement with God. All prayers could be divided into at least three categories. Firstly, there are those prayers recited repetitiously without our minds being engaged. Secondly, there are prayers that are written down and read. Thirdly, there are prayers that are conversations with Almighty God. Prayer is not a technique to be mastered. But conversations built upon a progressive relationship with God.

Prayer for a follower of Jesus Christ are vital conversations with their heavenly Father. Such prayers are completely spontaneous engagements between us and God and vice versa. Prayer obviously deepens our commitment to God. Prayer assists us to develop a greater understanding of God's Will, God’s Plan and God’s Purpose for our lives. Christians interpret the response they might get to their prayers in the following ways: God answers prayers, but not always in the way the person wants. God’s intention of creating the human race was for them to interact with Him. He loves to hear from us as often as possible. Just as we love hearing from our family members. Seize the privilege of communicating with God all throughout the day.


You don’t need to be a Christian to pray, because God has made Himself known to all those who have reached out to him with an open heart.