Wildfire Kids Church

We are absolutely thrilled when you choose to entrust your child/ren to the Wildfire Kids Church team, as we invest in the next generation.

We believe that serving your child/ren is the most important ministry in the church, and when we are successful, it not only affects singular lives, but generations. With over 70% of decisions about Christ happening between the ages of 4 and 14 years old, we as children’s ministry servants have a large mission field.

What we do at Wildfire Kids Church is more than just babysitting or childcare. We aim through our actions and words, to show your child/ren that they are loved by God, created to serve God, and fully part of the community of God at Wonthaggi Baptist Church.
Wildfire Kids Church seeks to ignite kids hearts on fire for God and then fan those flames into a raging wildfire so that the lives of our children can’t help but touch and ignite all of those they come into contact with, spreading God’s word and love everywhere they go.

We aim to do this by:

  • Partnering with families.
  • Igniting children’s interest in Christ.
  • Kindling a fascination for the Bible, and
  • Building an environment which fosters relationships.


Toilet-trained children attending a Kinder (ages 3-5)


Children in Prep-Grade 2


Children in Grades 3-6

For more details contact the Church office on 03 5672 4949