Wonthaggi Baptist Church is a diverse all-age community of people focused on living for Jesus.
Located in Wonthaggi on the beautiful Bass Coast of Victoria. We believe in Jesus first and foremost; in Loving God, Loving People and creating disciples that multiply.

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How to live a blessed life

Every human being needs to know how to live a blessed life. Many books continue to be written on how to succeed in life, how to live a better life, how to live a happy and blessed life etc… But there is a book in existence which gives us all the necessary instructions for us to live a truly blessed life. It is the most widely read, most often translated and best-selling book of all time. The Bible.

Those to whom the Bible seems to be nothing more than a dull and irrelevant book full of rules and regulations, sadly miss out on the wealth of truth, information and understanding about God and life that the Bible contains.

All the wisdom we need for living a blessed life is contained in God’s word to us. It covers everything from health, finance, business, and work, torelationships, marriage and parenting. No matter how many times you read it there is something new and relevant for whatever circumstance you are facing.

The Bible is our manual for living.

Psalm 112 describes an unnamed character who lives by bible principles described in this psalm, and in these ten verses we read how God’s Blessing crosses the spectrum of his life. This gives us a glimpse at how we too can live a blessed life.

This Psalm begins with “Praise the Lord”! Within those 3 words is the powerful beginning and foundation of a blessed life. It starts with knowing who God is and praising Him. Praise is always a starting point. It means thankfulness.
Why don’t you take time to get your hands on a bible and look up this psalm?

Sandro Scietroma

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Sandro Schietroma Fasting the pleases God

July 21st, 2024   •   24.87 MB
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