Wonthaggi Baptist Church is a diverse all-age community of people focused on living for Jesus.
Located in Wonthaggi on the beautiful Bass Coast of Victoria. We believe in Jesus first and foremost; in Loving God, Loving People and creating disciples that multiply.

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Latest Pastor's Pen

July 2022


July is always the coolest month of the year in Wonthaggi. This reminds me of what Jesus–the Lord of His Church said to another Church. He was disappointed with His Church at Ephesus whose love was growing cold. You can read all about this in the second chapter of the Book of Revelation.

Jesus actually praises the Ephesian Church for all the good things they were doing. He commends their hard work and patient endurance. He outlines their praiseworthy qualities. But He does have a complaint against them. The Lord of
the Church says: “You don’t love me or each other as you did at first! 5 Look how far you have fallen! Turn back to me and do the works you did at first” (Revelation 2:4–5). Remember, that Jesus took into account all that was good about the Ephesian Church. Despite this, He was more concerned that their love for Him and His people, was growing cold.

I wonder what the Lord of the Church would commend us for here at WBC?
Would He notice something about us that He is concerned about? I sincerely hope He does not say, “Your love for me and my people is cooling down”.

I learned a song when I was in Sunday School, that sums up my heart’s desire for WBC.

“It is summer time in my heart.
It is summer time in my heart.
Since Jesus saved me, new life He gave me.
When its winter time its summer in my heart”.

Pray: Lord, may my heart burn with your Holy fire this month.
Pastor Charles Lazaro

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Defining Prayer - Study 1

August 7th, 2022   •   39.94 MB
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