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Godly Fatherhood

Fathers all over Australia will be celebrated this Sunday September 3rd - Its Father’s Day! The first job God gave Adam was “Fatherhood”. It takes a real man to be a real father. God commanded Adam and Eve in Genesis 1:28 to “be fruitful and multiply”. This meant that they would build a devoted and loving family together. Most men want to be good fathers, but many don’t have a clue what a godly father looks like.

The only place to find instructions for godly fatherhood is to the Creator’s Manual – the Bible. In the first few chapters of Genesis, you will discover that God was looking for a relationship with Adam and Eve, His created children. Godly fathers today should take the time to spend quality time with their children, instead of leaving it up to their wives.

Most Christian fathers desire that their children grow up knowing God and follow Him. However, many of them do not model this conduct before their children. Many leave it up to their wives to instil godly values into their children. Thank God for the fathers and mothers at Wonthaggi Baptist Church who worship God together with their family every Sunday. Dad, your children will only imitate what they see in their father. Do you study God’s word every day? fellowship and worship with God’s people every week? Then how can our children automatically follow God if we are not their role model?
Happy Father’s Day to all the dads. I encourage you to consider your personal relationship with Jesus. Father, you are very important to your family. Learn to be a godly role model for your children.

Remember that children will only model what they see.

Marjorie and I appreciate each one of you for your thoughts, messages and prayer support during this challenging time.

Your Friend & Pastor

Charles Lazaro

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September 24th, 2023   •   42.20 MB
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