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Pastor's Pen - Oct 2014

Wonthaggi Baptist
Published by in Pastor's Pen · 15 October 2014
1 and 2 Kings are interesting books. Kings Saul, David and Solomon have finished their reign over God’s people and many more Kings come and go, some good and most of them bad. The good ones try to lead the people back to God and following Him and the bad ones lead the people into idolatry.
Amongst the long list of Kings there was one that caught my attention, Hezekiah.
2 Kings 18: 5-6
5 Hezekiah trusted in the Lord, the God of Israel. There was no one like him among all the kings of Judah, either before him or after him. 6 He held fast to the Lord and did not stop following him;

V.6 jumped off the page to me. What a challenge! With all that is going on in the world, with the pressures of life, we have a great example here of someone who held fast to God and sought God all the days of his life.
How are you going holding fast to God?
How are you going trusting Him and following Him?


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