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February 2020

Rhythm of Life

I love January, the normal routines of life have not begun yet there are fewer events on the calendar. Life seems to move at a different pace in January and I like it. However, January does not last forever, February is on its way and then before you know it, it’s March and August and then November morphs into December and another year is gone and we collapse into January.
The reason January is the best is because of the gaps we have, the space between events. The gaps, the spaces in this sentence make it easier to read. Without spaces ‘thewordsallflow’ together and it is hard to read.
As I look at Jesus life I never see him rush anywhere, I never see him so busy, I never see him time poor. He always made space in his life.
Luke 5:16 “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”
Jesus made space in his life .
The space of rest, space of connecting with the Father, space of community with others, space for ministry.
What is going to be different for you in 2020? Are you going to allow SPACE?