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October 2019

Isn’t it interesting how we learn...Jesus was a great teacher, transforming ordinary people into world changing did he do it?

Most would say there are 4 stages of learning:

  • Generally it begins with an invitation to watch. We observe how a task is done, see the best way to do it and how to manage problems as they arise
  • Then we are invited to join in the activity with simple achievable steps that build our confidence and experience
  • After this, the roles are switched, the teacher takes on the observation and guidance - with verbal support - role, until the activity is completed
  • Then the apprentice or trainee heads off to complete the task on their own, knowing the teacher is only a call away, for support, if needed.

You can probably think of times like this where you have learnt a new activity, as I read the stories of Jesus, I see Him using this model with the disciples:

Come follow me (Matt 4:19), watch as I do (Matthew 8:23-27), now you do (Matthew 14:16), then Jesus sent them out on their own (Mark 6:7).

What a helpful model, although a challenging one, that Jesus Gives to us.