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January 2022

Many look back on 2021 and say… “What a year!” “The locked down
year!” I know that we are expecting a year of freedom from restrictions
through 2022.
It is this time of year when people make New Year resolutions. Statistics
show that in a few weeks those resolutions are broken. Did you make a
resolution for this year? Three New Year resolutions always stand out
each year. They are: I must lose weight, exercise more, and control my
eating habits this year. Even, these resolutions are very quickly broken.
Christians too make New Year resolutions each year. Some resolve to
pray more, read their Bible daily, and attend church regularly. These are
fantastic goals, but many give up in a few days, weeks, or even a few
months. What motivates people to make such resolutions each year?
I believe, this is due to an inner desire to change and improve. Yet, most
fail to achieve their target each year. It is partly due to a lack of self-
motivation, personal determination, or just plain apathy. What do you
Are resolutions made for personal accomplishment, self-satisfaction or
seeking admiration from others. Then, our motivation for making
resolutions must be clear. Christians believe God expects them to be self-
disciplined. This is exactly what Jesus wanted for His disciples too. The
word “disciples” indicates disciplined people. Therefore, let’s convert our
resolutions into disciplines this year.
Enjoy the Lord’s presence through 2022!